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3D Resources

WP3D's goal is to bring together 3D creators and website developers. The idea is to merge these two skills to create highly interactive and engaging digital communication solutions.

There are numerous tools and resources available for you to craft a creative 3D website.

Software that you can use to design, apply textures, animate, and then export.

Most of the major 3D applications let you export your designs for the web in specific formats.


Supported import formats

WP3D enables you to import model files in various formats from different sources like your server path, directly from your media library, or even from a Content Delivery Network (CDN). You can process them within the scene, modify the material if needed, animate the object and apply interactive points for information. Additionally, you can control interactivity using a “timeline”.

From the web


Likely the best database for 3D models, it offers free downloads and a PRO option for purchase, to help you create imaginative solutions.

Poly Haven

Poly Haven is a carefully selected public library of assets for visual effects artists and game designers. It offers accessible, high-quality 3D assets for easy use.

No need for accounts, paywalls, or email forms – just download an asset and use it freely.

All resources here fall under Creative Commons Zero (CC0), meaning they’re virtually free of copyright restrictions. Feel free to use them however you please.

Use the Photo Mode feature on your device or online to instantly create accurate 3D models of whatever you want.

Every low poly model you could ever need

Build something beautiful with 9200+ free models

Enliven your projects with 3D characters, skeletal structures, and animations, all set for use in movies, games, interactive experiences, and illustrations.

A compilation of free templates that you can personalize and export.


Experience the magic of digital transformation with Skybox AI – the advanced AI-powered tool that creates breathtaking 360° skybox experiences from simple text prompts.

Adobe Stock

Discover an amazing and varied collection of high-definition stock assets, 3D models, and textures.

Adobe Substance

Substance 3D provides materials, models, and lighting, enabling you to set up 3D scenes without starting from scratch.

Adobe Elements

Speed up the production of immersive 3D content with pre-made models, materials, and lighting. With Dimension, you can effortlessly create brand proposals, illustrations, product mockups, and other creative projects.

3D Ocean

An huge ready to use 3D Moldes market provided by Envato

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