3D Model Import

Welcome to the future of 3D design made for WordPress
Import, rotate, adjust lights and shadows.


An entire set of configuration parameters that enable you to view your model realistically, all in real-time directly on your page.


WP3D Blocks are born for the native and open-source system created by WordPress. They synchronize with block data and allow you to develop 3D with ease, witnessing real-time changes in your 3D model values.


Are you an Elementor disciple? Our experience has led us to adapt WP3D Model Import for Elementor as well, mirroring all the features of Gutenberg but seamlessly integrated with this fantastic page builder.

The real power of WP3D Model Import lies in the ability to download pre-made models from a wide range of online resources like Sketchfab.

This enables you to expand the usage possibilities of our plugin.


Take advantage of the resources available on the web


Discover the immense potential through our examples based on various types of 3D models.

in progress

Coming soon

We are developing extraordinary and unique features that will allow you to interact with the imported model to customize it and create your ideal solution.
Stay tuned!

Interactive Points

Interact with model zones and generate content and interactivity through page clicks or scrolling.

Custom Lights

Add custom lights or project an image to create an exciting atmosphere.

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